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Able Nation supports churches, schools and civic groups, in material and training, for the purpose of increasing safety and security.

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What We Do

The threats of yesterday are even more volatile today, and these threats are still on the rise. The boiling point of our society in general is elevated, putting us all on edge.

We are being attacked based on our Nationality, Political Affiliation, and Religious Conviction. We are being attacked at home, school, church, and in the streets of our communities.

Able Nation is taking a leadership role to safeguard our communities against these threats.

Training and Education

Provide funding for hands-on training, for school and church security teams, to respond to potential life-threatening situations.

Security Upgrades

Provide lock boxes, security products, and access controls to schools, churches and civic groups.

Emergency Medical Supplies

Provide emergency medical kits to schools, churches and civic groups.

A Message from our Co-Founder

Attacks on our nation’s children are on the rise…

Someone should do something. That someone is you.

If you are like me, you notice security shortfalls. I see them everywhere, every day. The hardest ones to see in my daily life, are the ones that involve my children. Neil Pinkham and I stepped forward and began to work with the staff of my children’s school. We quickly realized that the time, equipment, and training necessary to effectively make a difference was too much for us to accommodate or fund individually. Upon sharing this reality, we found that many others identify this problem and are willing to come together to meet it head on.

Since the inception of Able Nation, we have raised almost $113,000 which has allowed us to make a difference and potentially save lives through training scholarships (54 people trained from schools and churches), and emergency response equipment purchases (54  North American Rescue Community Response Trauma Packs, and 9 protective vests have been disseminated nationally to churches, and schools!) And we just getting started…

Our nation’s children are being targeted. I will not shake a fist at the TV while saying “someone should do something”… That someone is you.

Will you please join us in this noble mission?

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you,

Jimmy Graham
-Able Nation, Co-Founder/Board Member
-Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL,
-CEO of Duty To Act, LLC
-Founder of the Able Shepherd Training Program.

Ensuring security teams are properly trained and equipped is a difficult and costly endeavor, especially to church’s and non-profits.  Able Nation is a tremendous non-profit that helped my church, Grace Chapel, receive the training it needed through the Able Shepherd program.  With the help of Able Nation, we were able to send a large number of people in my Security Team through the POP class with Able Shepherd.  We are extremely thankful for the help they have given.

Joseph Siacunco

Business Director and Security Lead, Grace Chapel

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