On June 10th of 2019 a group of twenty motorcycle riders and support vehicles led by Navy SEALs, Federal Agents, First Responders, and responsible citizens will depart from Denver, Colorado escorted by the State Patrol and local Fire Department—embarking on a 14-day and 4,000-mile journey to Washington State and back.

Their mission will be “Honoring Our Past and Protecting Our Future”.

Honoring Our Past: Each participant in the event will be traveling on behalf of an honoree of their choosing and sharing their story along the journey. Someone that has either touched their lives personally or has made a positive contribution to our great nation.

Protecting Our Future: In less than a year, we have made an impact within central Colorado, Maine, and Montana, but we aspire to do more, much more. We are preparing to expand Able Nation across the country to address the rising threats nationwide.

What is Able Nation asking of You?

Your financial contribution is what enables Able Nation to develop and deliver the training and materials necessary for schools and churches to effectively prepare to be their own first responders. The stated goal for the 2019 Able Nation Lineage Ride is to raise a minimum of $100,000.

Please help Able Nation share their mission, training, and experience to a greater audience.

Read more here: http://able-nation.org/events/

Donate here: https://www.crowdrise.com/donate/charity/able-nation/