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 Able Nation introduces a new Tuition Credit Sponsorship specifically for North Denver Metro area Students


Able Nation has created a new Tuition Credit Sponsorship for specific Able Shepherd students who reside in the North Denver Metro area.


There is a desire to further expand to the North Denver Metro area the many potential positive community impacts of the Able Shepherd program. However, it is recognized that residents of North Denver incur significant logistical costs (time and money) in order to attend AS classes and events at the current locations. This new Tuition Credit Program was created to help specific current and potential future AS students better justify those logistical costs.


This Tuition Credit Sponsorship consists of awarding up to $1,000 in tuition credits in two parts:

  1. A $500 credit will be awarded for Phase 3 Able Shepherd classes for those eligible students who meet the specific criteria outlined;
  2. An additional $500 credit will be awarded subsequent AS classes for those students who have then become a Certified Able Shepherd and remain current status in the program.

What is the specific criteria for AS students to become eligible for these tuition credits?   

  • For the initial $500 tuition credit, the AS student must provide documentation to Able Nation that:
    1. You are a member of the Safety/Security Team at your church
      (A confirming note from the Safety/Security Director or a Pastor at your church will suffice).
    2. You either live and/or your church is located in the Denver Metro area North of Highway 6
      (The address of your current residence and/or that of your church will suffice)
    3. You have already completed Phase 2 courses and have passed the Phase 2 / Protector Test
      (A copy of your Protector Certificate or the date that you passed the Phase 2 / Protector Test will suffice)
  • For the additional $500 tuition credit, the AS student must provide documentation that they have become a Certified Able Shepherd.

If you are interested in applying for this Tuition Credit Program, please submit copies of the required above listed documentation to the following emails: TO: CC:


This Tuition Credit sponsorship is, in part, made possible from various anonymous donors to the Able Nation 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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