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Lineage Ride 2019

“Honoring our Past, Protecting our Future”
June 10-24, 2019

Honor someone special in your life by joining or supporting the Lineage Ride 2019. Ride in honor of a friend, hero, family member, or someone who helped you become who you are today.

Departing Castle Rock, Colorado, West to the ocean, North to Washington state, spending three nights in Leavenworth, Washington where we will have the memorial slideshow presentation, east to Glacier National Park, south through Yellowstone, back to Castle Rock, Colorado

Riders will raise $500 as a buy-in donation.

All proceeds will benefit Able Nation, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to protecting our nation’s children by providing necessary training and gear in preparation for active threats in schools and churches.

For more information contact info@able-nation.org 

Intro to the Lineage Ride 2019 by Jimmy Graham. Length: 2:03

2010 Lance Memorial Ride. Length: 1:33

Lineage Ride 2019

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